• Louise Snidal

Dare To Evolve!

There is this societal notion that the purpose of life is to create a life where everything is happy and comfortable and if we experience pain, we believe that we have done something terribly wrong and do whatever we can to escape or avoid that pain. More often than not, life tends to throw us curveballs and these curveballs are meant to keep us moving forward in life. These unexpected disruptions often cause us pain and this pain is meant to be the catalyst for life change.

In fact, the true purpose of life s the expansion of this universe. Evolution or growth therefore is a natural byproduct of life. Life is an expression of source, which calls forth expansion in such a unique way. In essence, we as humans are in a process of rediscovery and therefore are required to stay in motion. So as much as we would like to sit back, relax and enjoy life without anything that makes us uncomfortable, it is not the way this universe operates.

Both science and spirituality agree that the universe and all aspects of it are meant to continuously be in a state of motion. Newton’s Law states that everything in our universe is in a constant state of motion and if energy stops moving then it is considered inert. So, it can be said that the molecules in the chair you are sitting on are constantly moving. The molecules in the air we breathe are in motion. The earth itself is constantly turning.

Comparatively, forward motion is the way of universal consciousness. All aspects of this universe are made up of the same energy and that energy is imbued with consciousness. This means that all things in this universe have consciousness. This united consciousness simply divided in order to create separate dimensions and different things within those dimensions. In fact this happens much like a dividing of a zygote in utero. Now imagine that each part that is divided is not only connected to universal consciousness but is also now imbued with its own individual consciousness. You are essentially one of these divisions within collective consciousness.

So you can see that it doesn’t matter if you want to look at this through the sense of science or spirituality, it is clear that all things in this universe including human beings are meant to keep moving or change. Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once wrote: “If you realize that all things change, then there is nothing that you will try to hang on to”.

Now understanding, that we are made up of the same energy as everything else in this universe and are meant to be in a constant state of motion and not inert, we can clearly see why our false notion of the purpose of life no longer holds true. We are not meant to build a utopian life where we get to spend the rest of our days hiding in that life. Instead, we are meant to spread our wings and envelop what life has to offer. You may be thinking: “sure, that’s easier said than done,” and I totally agree with you. Change may not be what you want, but it is what you need…it is what the universe needs for you, in order to expand. You may be perfectly happy in the life you have created for yourself and see no reason for change. I, like you, would have loved to stay in the comfy world that I had created for myself but the universe had different plans for me. In the past few years, I have come to understand Lao Tzu’s message.

Whether we welcome change or want to run away from it, the universe will continue to move and with that motion will bring about change that will inevitably affect us in some manner. The question then becomes, do we willing move forward and embrace the change, OR, allow the universe to give us a kick in the pants and move us forward according to the way it sees fit.

I, for one have learnt that it is better to use my free will or individual consciousness and NOT RESIST CHANGE. Call me stubborn, but I want to have a say on the way I react to life. Please understand that change isn’t always easy and I get that. Change is meant to help you become a better version of yourself…a more evolved version of your being.

We are like the caterpillar that works to free themselves from their cocoon. The part of our lives that no longer serves is like caterpillar’s cocoon that needs to be shed. The growth process is often uncomfortable, messy and sometimes downright painful.

Regardless of this, I urge you to take a chance on yourself and shed what no longer serves you. I encourage you to be brave my dear friends and listen to your heart’s desire, so that you can truly become the beautiful butterfly that you were meant to become. I dare you to EVOLVE and be ready to be mesmerized by what life has in store for you!

Here’s to embracing change!


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